Orienteering Race

With a map in your hand, it is time to discover “The Bois Bras” while looking for control point in the 7 hectares.


The activity is open to all. Get ready to challenge your map reading skills and add a bit of excitement doing it as quick as possible.

From beginner to confirmed racer, there is a course for everyone.

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multiple courses

Go out on an adventure in the heart of Saint-Cast Le Guildo. Admire fauna and flore along the trails.

Equipped with a map and a compass, search for the coontrol posts positioned on the 7  hectares of the forest. 

Individually of with a team,  you can set a race against time. Who will check all the control post the fastest ?


Kids will look for the control posts on an adapted map with 3 different courses available:

– A map to find Kleo friends, animals

– A map to eat well with Kleo, fruits and vegetables

– A map to learn to count with Kleo, the figures

green and blue courses

The green course is intended to be used for beginner ( 10 control point to find)

The blue course is better for confirmed people (15 control point to find)

Each of the two courses can be completed as a team.


  • Orienteering with Kleo
  • Beginner Green Map
  • Confirmed Blue Map

Practical information

  • Kléo map (all):  30 min
  • Blue map: 50 min average time
  • Green map:  30 min average time

From 2 to 4 year old, meet Kléo friend and eat well product. 

From 4 to 6 year old, learn to count with Kleo.

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